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2024 Red Loons Individual Membership

  • $ 3500

IMPORTANT NOTE - 2024 memberships are once again paired with Wonderwall season tickets. If you have a season ticket in the Wonderwall and have chosen your group, you are automatically a member of that group and entitled to claim a 2024 scarf and a Wonderwall card without making a separate purchase.

If you wish to be a member of a supporter group - including scarf and card - and do not own 2024 season tickets in the Wonderwall supporters section - this individual membership is for you. Welcome!


When corporations hoover up profits and leave scraps for the workers

. . . . . . there ain't no neutrals here.

When religious fanatics rip away reproductive freedom

. . . . . . there ain't no neutrals here.

When bosses bust unions and thwart the voices of their employees

. . . . . . there ain't no neutrals here.

When bigots target the LGBTQIA+ community with malice and precision

. . . . . . there ain't no neutrals here.

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