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2021 Red Loons Membership Scarf (2020 Design)

  • $ 3500

No, you're not having a case of déjà vu. Due to financial constraints related to the ongoing pandemic, season tickets in the supporters' section will not include a scarf this season. As such, Red Loons have decided that we will not be designing a unique membership scarf for the 2021 season.

If you were a Red Loons member in 2020, you will retain all other membership benefits through 2021.

We know how much everyone loved the 2020 membership scarf so we are keeping it available this season, for brand new members or anyone who might want an extra.

Last year, this scarf was draped over the taconite display by the players' tunnel. It was worn by our members to protests and demonstrations in Minnesota and beyond. But it wasn't held up in the Wonderwall after a victory. It wasn't swung around our heads during corner kicks at Allianz Field. We can't wait to see this scarf fulfill its destiny when we're all together once again.

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