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Pre-Order: Thunderwall Pride Scarf

  • $ 2500

"If you want to, we'll put you on a drum."

This is a phrase that we use to encourage people to join in with us on the line. Inclusion makes up a large part of what we do in the Thunderwall. Additionally, one of the coolest aspects of the group is that we try to make it a safe space for our drummers, allowing them to have fun and be their authentic selves.

Keeping that in mind, our scarf this year doubles as a pride scarf, with the theme being “Loud & Proud”. Because it is a summer scarf and is printed rather than woven, the potential color choices are unlimited. Counting the eleven letters in Thunderwall and the two cloud logos, we found that we could include the pride flags of thirteen different groups. From left to right, the flags represented are asexual, transgender, genderfluid, pansexual, bisexual, gay, polysexual, aromantic, intersex, two spirit, lesbian, genderqueer, and nonbinary. In the background of the front side of the scarf is the repeating phrase, “We fight until all are cherished, supported, protected, valued, celebrated, and advocated for – Love is Love – Thunderwall”. A rainbow gradient makes up the background behind the words Loud & Proud, where the Os are both drumheads and the ampersand features a pair of drumsticks. The fringe is made up of the three pantone colors of the MNUFC logo.

$5 from the sale of each scarf goes towards QUEERSPACE Collective, which focuses on giving queer youth safe spaces to be themselves. Estimated arrival for the scarves will be late July.

Happy Pride! Go Loons!

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